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Awesome, I always wanted to track my game but could never be bothered
inputting my data like other systems, love my GameCards!

Peter McGonagle


Get full access to all features of Intelligent Play including your own personalGameCards™

Use our GameScan™ technology on your smartphone and view stats on desktop, tablet or mobile

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Use GameScan™ technology from your smartphone to capture your round

Golf Scan Stats

The GameScan is cool! I actually look forward to getting into the bar and zapping my round!

Adam Hutchinson


Intelligent Play can help you identify key areas for improvement – but then what? Our Intelligent Practice Suite gives practice games to record & track progress towards your goals.

I've been blasting the practice since I got it. Went from 1.9 to 0.8 in the last two weeks definitely thanks to your drills!

Patrick Dallat


Once you you have a game recorded in Intelligent Play you can use some of the sharing and community features.

Intelligent Play can send my game breakdown to my coach minutes after finishing and no effort from me, thats powerful!

Laura Campbell


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